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PRE-ORDER: Tanning Nasal Spray and Drops Bundle

5 reviews

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Product Features

☑️ Delivery and satisfaction guarantee (get results or your money back!)

☑️ Delicious watermelon flavour/scent (no bad aftertaste!)

☑️ Insulative bottle to preserve product quality

☑️ Usage guide

☑️ Luxury box packaging with padded insert

☑️ Removable lid cap and leakage prevention lock for storage

☑️ Free Express Shipping Worldwide!

How to Use

Nasal Spray Instructions:

How to spray with best technique:

1) Remove the clear cap from the top and the leak-proof seal from the neck of the bottle

2) Blow your nose to remove any obstructions

3) Insert the nasal spray into one nostril as far as you can bear with one hand and press the other nostril flat with your other hand

4) Press the compressible lid down hard and fast with two fingers

5) Tilt your head back and sniff to ensure none of the product drips out

Note this product requires at least a small amount of sun exposure for best results.

Sublingual Drops Instructions:

Do 2 drops onto the sublingual glands under the tongue (see diagram below) 3x per day (morning, midday, night), and an additional  2-4 drops immediately before sun exposure for best results! Try not to swallow the drops for as long as possible and do not rinse your mouth for at least 30 minutes.

Storage Instructions

The nasal spray should be stored in the fridge when not in use. However, the product can still last for 3 weeks out of the fridge so it is suitable to take in luggage when travelling.

Shipping & Pre-orders

All products include free express shipping worldwide!

We currently have fulfillment locations in both Australia and the US, and your order will be dispatched to your address from the fulfillment location closest to you.

Typical dispatch times are 1-2 days and delivery times usually range from 1-4 days domestically within the US and Australia and 1-3 weeks internationally, depending on your location.

Couriers used are dependent on the fulfillment location.

Orders dispatched from our Australia warehouse are shipped by Australia Post Express and orders dispatched from our US faciities are shipped by USPS or Fedex Express.


As our products are in extremely high demand and have a large customer base, they tend to sell out often.

Due to this high demand, many customers choose to pre-order the products while the new stock is on it's way to ensure that they don't miss out!

If you would like to be the first to know when pre-order items are restocked, you can sign up to our email list at the bottom of any page.

Please also note that sometimes the incoming stock may sell out before it has arrived, so frequent restocks are not always guaranteed. As such, pre-ordering is highly reccomended if you want to ensure you don't miss your chance to make an order.

Pre-orders typically have an additional 1-2 week wait time to those mentioned above, and you will be updated by email or SMS once it has been dispatched.

If you have any questions about your pre-order, feel free to contact our customer support team at info@permatan.co and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Current pre-order wait times

Orders for Jumbo Quadruple Strength Tanning Nasal Spray will be dispatched in approximately 1 week, whereas all other pre-orders are due to be fulfilled in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Last updated 17/08/2022

The Science

Our Technology

The Permatan solution leverages the skin's natural tanning potential through use of biomimetics.

The way the body makes the melanin which provides a natural tan is by way of converting the amino acid Tyrosine via the enzyme Tyrosinase. The Permatan exclusive complex is designed to increase the bioavailability of both this enzyme and substrate amino acid Tyrosine, all of which are required for melanogenesis (melanin production). By increasing the bioavailability of these compounds in the skin, the amount of melanin produced is increased and the body produces a natural tan quicker. 


Normally, this process is regulated by the hormone alpha-MSH which is responsible for skin darkening, however, the Permatan formula enables an increase of melanogenesis even when alpha-MSH levels are low (i.e in individuals that are normally fair and cannot normally obtain a natural tan). It is important to note, however, that the Permatan formula does not contain alpha-MSH itself and also does not interfere with the body's natural levels of other hormones.

The solution is able to be absorbed by the nasal membrane and sublingual glands as our solution has molecules small enough to pass through these membranes. These membranes in particular are ideal for absorption as they are only a few cells thick.

Permatan was designed to require very minimal sun exposure to be effective as it results in increased levels of eumelanin. When a person's eumelanin levels are increased, only a very small amount of sun is required to leverage the tanning potential of the eumelanin and provide a noticeable colour change.

It is this technology that differentiates Permatan from other traditional tanning methods, allowing for game-changing results that speak for themselves.



Ingredients list: Aqua (sterilized water, 0.9% NaCl), PermatanComplex™ (T-oligos, BMT diol , Tyrosinase-related protein 1, 1,25-(OH)2-vitamin D3, n-Pentadecanoyl-, 4-Phenylbutyryl-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-NH2) Natural Flavours, Preservative.

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Australia Australia
I recommend this product


I’ve always been pale with freckles - prone to burning, peeling then back to pale. I was curious to try the product after seeing the results online and the reviews. It does exactly as they all say! I spend no longer than 5mins each side in the sun when the weather permits and I have the most natural looking tan. I can see why they sell out so fast! I started with the triple strength pack and now trying the quadruple.

Ellie M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Really works!

I have been taking this for just over a week and have went really brown! So got desired effect! Only side effects I've noticed is loss of appetite, which I love cause I was trying to loose weight!

Natasha R.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

LOVE these products!

I love the Permatan nasal spray and drops! Both products worked when used alone but if you use them together they work best. I found they also worked for outdoor tanning as well as indoor bed tanning! They smell amazing (watermelon flavour ) and you will get the deepest darkest bronze glow ever! I will rave rave rave about these products, they’re so great!

Grace T.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Changed my life

There is not a single fault with these products, opposite! I have naturally fair skin tone (hate being pale) and this miracle right here sorted my tan problem. I used to get burned in the sun, peel, and then go back to being pale. After I start using it my tan became deeper also I stopped peeling all together. After using this product over the year I can say that I tan super brown now no more redness at least not to what I used to. People around me really started to notice too. The bottles look small, however it does last forever! The smell - is another level it smells like watermelon which is really unique and made it enjoyable to use.

Issi P.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Amazing product

After years of fake tanning I found these guys a few years back and followed them to see others results. Finally this year as I had a lot of time on my hands, I trialled the nasal spray and tongue drops and was tanned within the hour! Never in my life have I been as dark as I got with the products (I suffer with anaemia so I am usually extremely pale which is annoying) and the tan lasted up until a month ago before it started to fade (about 7 months in total) I love this brand!!!

Patchy fake tan? Cancelled.

Say hello to Permatan™, a line of nasal spray and sublingual drop formulations that increase melanin production in all skin tones using biomimetic technology.

How it works

The way the body makes the melanin which provides a natural tan is by way of converting the amino acid Tyrosine via the enzyme Tyrosinase.

The Permatan exclusive complex is designed to increase the bioavailability of both this enzyme and substrate amino acid Tyrosine, all of which are required for melanogenesis (melanin production).

By increasing the bioavailability of both of these compounds in the skin, the amount of melanin produced is increased dramatically, and the body produces a natural tan even if the individual previously could not.

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The only solution to pasty skin.

Our products enable even the fairest skin types who cannot usually tan naturally achieve the deep, dark tan of their dreams in just a matter of weeks.

Life-changing results.

Permanent tanning from the inside out, for all skin tones.

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Thousands of happy and loyal customers worldwide.

Real results from real cusotomers.

See for yourself why our product gets all the hype and join the tribe today!

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