• When will my order be dispatched?

If your order was not a pre-order then it will be dispatched within 1-2 days of your order time. If your order was a pre-order, your order will be dispatched around the ETA date for the incoming stock specified in the product title and description at your time of purchase.

Please that all orders are currently pre-orders due to high demand, as specified in the product titles and descriptions on our site. The ETA currently specified on our website may not necessarily correspond to your order depending on when it was placed. 

  • I have fair or ginger skin and can't tan naturally. Will it work for me?

Yes! It’s perfect for fair-skinned individuals as people with this skin type have low levels of alpha-MSH. This is the substance in the body that causes skin darkening - and our solution mimics the action of this substance in the body! As such, people with fair skin types tend to have the most dramatic results. It also protects skin as it produces melanin which absorbs UV light. This is why darker individuals have lower rates of skin cancer and ageing. 

  • How long will my order take to arrive after it is dispatched?

It will take approximately 2-7 days for your order to arrive following dispatch depending on your location.

  • How does it work?

The Pematan solution works by way of biomimetic technology.

The way the body makes the melanin which gives a natural tan is by way of converting the amino acid Tyrosine via the enzyme Tyrosinase. The Permatan exclusive complex is designed to increase the bioavailability of both this enzyme and substrate amino acid Tyrosine, all of which are required for melanogenesis (melanin production). By increasing the bioavailability of these compounds in the skin, the amount of melanin produced is increased and the body produces a natural tan quicker. 

Normally, this process is regulated by the hormone alpha-MSH which is responsible for skin darkening, however, the Permatan formula enables an increase of melanogenesis even when alpha-MSH levels are low (i.e in individuals that are normally fair and cannot normally obtain a natural tan). 

The Permatan formula does not contain alpha-MSH itself. 

The solution is able to be absorbed by the nasal membrane and sublingual glands as our solution has molecules small enough to pass through these membranes. These membranes in particular are ideal for absorption as they are only a few cells thick.

  • Can I use the nasal spray and drops together?

Yes, you can! In fact, we strongly recommend using them together if you want to maximise your results. This is more effective than simply doubling your dosage, as there's only so much of the solution that the nasal membrane or sublingual glands can absorb at one time. By using both products simultaneously, you can target both areas and maximise the surface area available for absorption which allows for faster and darker results!

  • What is the difference between the drops and nasal spray?

The nasal spray is a mist that is sprayed into the nasal cavity by inserting the nozzle into the nostrils (it is used exactly like a regular nasal spray for a cold or allergies). The sublingual drops, however, are a squeeze bottle that is used to apply a few drops of solution to the sublingual glands underneath the tongue. We recommend seeing the product descriptions for each respective product to see the full instructions. 

The solution contained within the nasal spray and drops bottles are identical in their composition, concentration and volume for the respective sizes of each. The only difference is the bottle design. In addition, the nasal spray has an unflavoured variant, whereas we do not currently have an unflavoured variant of the sublingual drops.

The drops and nasal spray are equally effective when used separately, however we recommend using them together for best results (see above question).

  • I'm very pale and can't tan naturally. What products should I use to get the most noticeable results?

We strongly recommend using the Jumbo Nasal Spray and Drops Bundle to maximise your results. Using the nasal spray and drops together simultaneously is more effective than simply doubling your dosage, as there's only so much of the solution that the nasal membrane or sublingual glands can absorb at one time. By using both products simultaneously, you can target both areas and maximise the surface area available for absorption which allows for faster and darker results!

Furthermore, the Jumbo Quadruple Strength Nasal Spray is not only more concentrated than the Triple Strength Nasal Spray, but it is also more than double the size. This means that not only will you get faster results, but you will also get much better value for your money.

  • Why is this product costly compared to most other tanning products?

Our products use new and disruptive technology and are developed with the purest and highest quality ingredients and reagants. This not only renders the Permatan solution expensive to produce but also very costly to develop initially. As such, the products cannot be feasibly sold for the same price as a traditional self-tanning lotion or similar products. 

Nonetheless, it is important to consider that not only is the tan acquired from our products much more flawless and natural-looking (as it actually provides a real tan via melanogenesis), but it is also much more long-lasting and requires far less maintenance. A Permatan tan will not fade for 6-12 months and provides some individuals with a permanent but subtle colour change that never fades back to their natural colour. The tan fades without becoming patchy like a fake tan, and as such it does not require the user to exfoliate their top layer of skin on a weekly basis as do most self-tanning products. 

  • Do I need to get sun exposure to see results?

If you don't get any sun exposure, you can still achieve a slight colour change from the products. Some individuals find that their day-to-day sun exposure is enough to allow them to achieve a dark colour with the products, and we strongly recommend getting at least some UV exposure for best results. 

  • Can it be used with tanning beds or does it need to be natural sunlight?

It can be used with tanning beds. It does not matter whether the UV is natural or artificial. 

  • How much sun exposure should I be getting?

We recommend getting 30-60 minutes of midday sun 2-3 times weekly for best results! However, some people find they can get great results with only 15 minute sessions so we advise seeing what works for you once you start using the product. 

  • Do you have any payment plans available?

Currently, we have Zip Pay available on our store. If you do not already have a Zip Pay account, you are able to make an account on the spot without leaving the checkout. Please note that you cannot pay with Zip Pay if you select the Shop Pay instant checkout option, and you will have to put your details in manually. 

  •  Can I adjust the recommended dosage to suit my desired colour?

Yes you can! If you only want a slight colour change then we advise only doing one spray a day, and from there you can adjust your dosage to suit the colour you desire to obtain.

  • Will this work for someone with vitiligo or albinism?

Yes, it can provide people with both vitiligo and albinism with a tan, however, it is not intended to treat either condition as such. This product is not a medication or therapeutic good but is rather intended for cosmetic purposes only. 

  • Are there any side effects?

The only reported side effect is that some people experience a slight decrease in appetite, however many see this as a benefit. 

It is possible, albeit very rare, for a person to have a mild allergic reaction to the product. If you experience a rash, watery eyes, nausea or any other symptoms then it is possible that you are allergic to the product and we do not advise use is continued in these circumstances. 

  • Does it really work?

Yes does! We recommend having a look at the results highlight on our Instagram page to see real results from real customers. 

  •  Can I just spray the nasal spray into my mouth instead?

The only way this would be effective would be if you sprayed the product onto your sublingual glands in a similar fashion to the sublingual drops. This is the only membrane in your mouth that is able to absorb the solution, so we don't advise spraying it anywhere else in the mouth as unfortunately, it would go to waste. 

  •  How long will it take me to start to get dark?

It depends on your genetics and tends to vary between individuals from a few days to a few weeks. To speed up your results, you can use the quadruple strength products instead of triple strength, and you can also use the nasal spray and drops together! In addition, the more sun exposure you get in the middle of the day, the faster the product will activate.

  •  How long does one bottle of nasal spray last?

How long it lasts depends on how dark you want to be but they usually last a few months! Your first bottle will probably last 3-5 weeks as there is an initial loading phase for first-time users. For the first month or two, we recommend using one spray in each nostril sprays 3x a day to let the melanin disperse throughout your body and also 3 sprays in each nostril right before sun exposure as this is the best time to use it! After that initial loading phase, you only need 3 sprays a few hours before sun exposure to stay super dark, so it will last a lot longer!

If you're looking for the best value option, we recommend the quadruple strength jumbo nasal spray as it's more concentrated and also contains more than double the volume of liquid. The jumbo nasal spray lasts 2-3 months. 

  •  How often do you need to use the nasal spray?

If it's your first time, there is a loading phase and you will need to saturate your body by using it 3x per day for about 4-6 weeks, however after that you only need 3 sprays a few hours before sun exposure to stay dark, so it will last a lot longer!

  •  How do I store the products?

All Permatan products should be stored in the fridge to keep the product sterile and preserve their quality. This is especially important after breaking the seal.

  •  How long do the products last in the fridge?

When refrigerated, all Permatan products last about 8 months! However, if they are stored on the shelf they will last only 4 weeks. 

  •  How long will it take me to reach my desired colour using the nasal spray or drops?

It takes most people 3-6 weeks to reach their desired colour.

  •  Where can I read the instructions?

The instructions for each product are in the product description.

  •  What is the difference between the drops and nasal spray?

The nasal spray is a spray used in the nose, whereas the drops are squeezed under the tongue onto the sublingual glands. The only difference between the two products is the bottle - they each contain the same volume of liquid and have the same concentration of the active ingredients. 

  •  Can the products be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Whilst there are no known adverse effects, we don't recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women use the products as more testing is still required at this stage.

  •  Will the products cause hyperpigmentation?

No, the products do not cause hyperpigmentation as the product causes an even distribution of melanin across the skin. 

  •  How will the tan fade?

The tan will fade very slowly over 6-12 months - and for some individuals does not ever fade completely back to their natural colour. As it fades, it will do so completely evenly and will not become patchy like a fake tan.

  •  How do the products affect moles and freckles?

The products do not lighten or darken moles or freckles, nor do they cause the growth of new moles or freckles. As the products darken the surrounding skin, however, they can decrease the appearance of freckles over time as they tend to stand out less once a tan develops.

  •  I tend to burn easily in the sun, do the products help to prevent burning?

Yes, with time the product will increase the levels of melanin in the skin. As melanin absorbs UV light, this will significantly decrease your risk of sunburn. This is why it is much more difficult for individuals with naturally darker skin to get sunburned. However, it is important that this effect will not take place until you have been using the product for 1-3 weeks depending on your genetics and it should not be considered a replacement for spf. Especially for the first few days of use, the product will not give much protection from sunburn so it is important to practice sun safety.

  •  Can I use SPF with the products?

Yes, you can! Whilst the SPF blocks some UV light which can slow down the activation of the product somewhat, we encourage a sustainable and sun-safe approach to tanning. Whilst it may take you slightly longer to see results while using SPF, it is important to be mindful of sun damage especially if you are prone to burning. It is also important to note that the product will not provide noticeable protection from burning for approximately the first 1-3 weeks depending on your genetics. 

  • How do I know it's going to work?

We recommend having a look at our results highlights on Instagram where you can see real progress pictures from real customers with various different natural skin tones!

  • Is there an unflavoured option?

Yes, we have an unflavoured version of the nasal spray available however we don't currently have an unflavoured version of the sublingual drops. 

  • What do the products taste like?

The flavoured versions taste like the flavours (e.g watermelon, bubblegum etc.), without any other aftertaste. The unflavoured version doesn't have much of a taste however some describe it to be a bit salty. 

  • Does it interact with any medications?

No, it doesn't interact with any medications however if you use a different nasal spray for a cold or allergies then it is not recommended to use them within an hour of each other. They do not interact, however, the nasal membrane cannot absorb much liquid at one time, so it can affect the absorption.

In addition, if you use a medication that makes you sensitive to sunlight then it is advised that extra care is taken with sun protection when getting the required UV exposure to activate the Permatan solution. 

  • Can I get as dark as a fake tan from this or will it just give me a slight glow or tint?

If you follow the recommended dosage then with time you will see a difference that is approximately equal to that of a fake tan (although a more natural hue). However, if you desire only a subtle colour change, then you can use less than the recommended dosage to suit the colour that you desire. 

  • Are the products safe to use with laser hair removal?

Yes they are safe to use with laser hair removal, however it is recommended not to get IPL treatment which is less precise with its targeting of pigmentation. In addition, it is recommended not to tan in the sun or a tanning bed for 1-2 weeks prior to your treatment.

  • I cannot find the option to pay with Zip Pay at the checkout, How do I do this?

The Zip Pay option is located below the credit card payment option at the checkout. Please note that you cannot pay with Zip Pay if you select the Shop Pay instant checkout option, and you will have to put your details in manually. 

  • Can I take the products on an aeroplane?

Yes, you can take any of our products on an aeroplane without any issues.

  • Can I use Permatan products if I am taking Roaccutane?

Yes, you can! Our products don’t interact with Roaccutane and rather help improve the increased susceptibility to sunburn which is a common side effect of Roaccutane. Whilst most people who take Roaccutane will burn easily, those who use Permatan while on Roaccutane will almost never get a sunburn and will tan easily instead. Our products also don't cause breakouts unlike fake tanners which contain comedogenic ingredients like DHA and Erythrulose, so they are a great option for individuals with acne!

  • Will the products make dark circles under my eyes more noticeable?

No, they won't! In fact, most people find that their dark circles are less visible under a tan, especially if their skin is so fair that it's almost translucent. The purple/blue colour of dark circles are actually dilated capillaries under the skin showing through (not melanin on the skin surface!). This is also why other blood vessels such as those on the wrists tend to be more visible on fairer skin types! The extra colour from our products can help to conceal these a bit, and a lot of our customers noticed they felt more confident without makeup on. 


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