About us

A tan that never fades is just a drop away


We are a US based international biocosmetics company focused on developing and commercialising tanning products suitable for a wide range of skin tones to increase consumer confidence whilst minimising sun damage.

Dedicated to leveraging the skin's pigmentation power for aesthetic applications, we aspire to help consumers to achieve a dark and even complexion without the need for large amounts of sun exposure or the use of self-tanners or spray tans which tend to be unnatural-looking and high-maintenance. With transformative insights into skin pigmentation, we've developed a formulation that when will deliver a real tan for all skin types with very minimal sun exposure, even for individuals that cannot tan naturally.

Our nasal and sublingual products provides a mechanism for enhancing skin pigmentation by increasing melanin production, thereby also increasing tolerance to the sun given the ability of melanin to absorb UV light.

Even for individuals with fair skin, the Permatan formula will trigger the skin to produce dark pigment, reducing hypersensitivity, providing intrinsic UV protection (though not intended to replace SPF), and a darker, more uniform skin tone.

Furthermore, as the name implies, the tan provided by the Permatan formula is semi-permanent. Unlike self-tanner, the tan will fade extremely slowly (over six months to a year) and will do so perfectly evenly. This negates the need for customers to spend a large amount of time scrubbing off a patchy artifical tan each week, so not only does the tan look much more natural but it is also a much more convenient option!


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