Real Customers, Real Results

Real Customers, Real Results

Did you know Permatan doesn't only help even the fairest skin types that can't usually tan get dark, but it also helps your tan develop and last much longer?

There's not a better tanning product on the market. ANYWHERE!

In fact  - we guarantee it!

You will throw away your fake tan!

Your darkest real tan, with less time in the sun. That's how we roll. Our active and exclusive ingredient dramatically builds your melanin levels so you reach your ultimate tanning potential. All with NO fake tan!

Don't believe us? Check out some of our customer results below 👇🏽


Our tanning nasal sprays are a game changer - which is exactly why our products have claimed worldwide cult status.

No Orange. No Streaks. No Smell. Just perfection!

You might have noticed that one product in particular tends to give better results in a shorter time frame - our JUMBO Quadruple Strength Nasal Spray is a best-seller for a reason!


This is the best value for tan item in our store as not only is it multiple times the size of the original triple strength nasal spray, but it also has 1.5x the concentration of the original so it's ideal for those that want to get the darkest tan FAST or just want to save money on their tan!

The Jumbo Quadruple Strength Nasal Spray is also ideal for those who are forgetful and may forget to use the Triple Strength Spray more often as it delivers a much greater increase in melanin production with fewer sprays!

Wanting a summer tan but sick of fake tanning? Run (don't walk!) to get yours now to start preparing for that long summer glow!

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