Patchy fake tan? Cancelled.

Say hello to Permatan™, a line of nasal spray and sublingual drop formulations that increase melanin production in all skin tones using biomimetic technology.


The only solution to pasty skin.

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How it works

For a permanent tan that lasts years.

And the best part - as the name implies, it's permanent! Unlike with fake tan, the tan produced won't become patchy or need to be scrubbed off.

A Permatan tan will fade extremely slowly (over years - not days!) and will do so perfectly evenly.


Thousands of happy and loyal customers worldwide.

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Life-changing results.

.Permanent tanning from the inside out, for all skin tones.

About Us

We are veterans in the tanning industry, with a forever evolving commitment to quality, safety and your privacy. These four words cannot be over-stated in this industry.

Our customer's safety is our top priority. Hence, we go out of our way to ensure that our product is of top of the line, premium quality. Sourced from a well-known and reputable name brand supplier in Germany and manufactuer in the United States, our product contains the purest and most effective ingredients to ensure you can get the best results without the risk.

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